FXE3000 Embedded Wireless LAN Board (Master/Slave Station/Repeater)

  • Standard Warranty1 yr
  • Extended WarrantyAvailable

Overview / Features

This product is an embedded-type wireless LAN board that is compatible with the wireless LAN standards IEEE802.11n/a/b/g and supports wide input power supplies (5 to 30 VDC) and power supplied from the LAN connector.* Just connecting this product to a LAN port of an LAN-compliant equipment, then the equipment will features the latest standards-compatible higher security, stable communication and easy maintenance without its OS or CPU.

    • There are several product modules that correspond to USA, Canada, India, Sigapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe (R & TTE Directive) and Thailand respectively.
    • You can choose 24 ch (W52/W53/W56/W58*1) in the 5 GHz (IEEE802.11n/a), and in the 2.4 GHz (IEEE802.11n/b/g), you can choose from 1 to 13ch *2. So, it is possible to design a flexible wireless network to adjust a radio wave interference.
    • This product supports an AC adapter (sold separately), DC power supplies from 5 to 30 VDC, and power supplied from the LAN connector.
    • You can use this product not only as a station (a slave station) but also as an access point (a master station) and as a repeater by switching modes.
    • In addition to the certifications for advanced security standards WPA2/WPA and IEEE802.1X, this product is also equipped with our proprietary encryption technology 'WSL', which can be used at the same time as these certifications. MAC address filtering and ESSID hiding are also supported.
    • This product is equipped with a VLAN function for constructing virtual networks and a virtual AP function for operating one AP as multiple virtual APs with different security settings. Also, large capacity event logs (with approximately 15,000 events, which is 7 times our conventional products) can be saved.

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