FXS3001-CN Access Point (Master/Slave Station/Repeater) for China market

  • Standard Warranty1 yr
  • Compliant with 4 standards of IEEE802.11n / a (W52 / W58 * 1) / b / g
  • Can be switched to a station (slave station), access point (master station), or repeater
  • Equipped with WSL, an original encryption technology that can be used with WPA2 / WPA and WEP
  • Equipped with various functions such as VLAN and virtual AP functions


Wireless LAN Module

Type Access point; Staition; Repeater
Supported Frequency Band 5GHz; 2.4GHz
Supported Wireless LAN Standards IEEE802.11n; IEEE802.11a; IEEE802.11g; IEEE802.11b
PoE Compliant -

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