CPS-MC341G-ADSC1-111 CONPROSYS M2M Controller - Integrated Type / 3G WAN (Japan Only) / 1x LAN + HUB / 4x DI / 2x DO / 2x AI / 2x CNT / 1x RS-232C / 1x RS-485

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • Extended WarrantyAvailable
  • End of Repair Service: 2028/05/19

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* The end of repair date may change depending on the situation.

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Overview / Features

This product is a M2M controller with isolated RS-422A/485, isolated digital input/output, isolated counter input, inter-channel isolated analog input, RS-232C, LAN interface, and 3G network communication (Japan only) module. It is equipped with the ARM®Cortex®-A8 processor (600MHz) and the 512MB DDR3-SDRAM system memory. On-board NOR-FLASH is utilized for a booting device. You can perform all processes on a web browser from the development to the operation. The functions such as Web monitoring of I/O information, alarm processing by I/O information, task divergence enable you to create a Cloud System at low cost and in a short time.

M2M/IoTソリューション CONPROSYSシリーズの詳細はこちら

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