ATLF-8A Gain amplifier function extension accessories

Overview / Features

This product is accessories for function expansion that amplification / filters an outside signal to input by being connected to an interface card for A/D conversion.

    • This product is equipped with a differential gain amplifier of 8 channels. Passband of a differential gain amplifier is DC - 100kHz (in the case of input gain 1 time). An input signal can amplify 500 times at the maximum.
    • This product keeps the fourth Butterworth low pass filter for every channel. As a low level filter to cutting commercial power supply frequency and a simple anti-aliasing filter, As for the low pass filter, choice of a usable high level filter is possible.
    • By using the output of a temperature sensor implemented on a card, You can perform Cold-junction compensation processing when connected a thermocouple sensor.
    • This product is equipped with the M3 screw stopper-type terminal to connect an analog input signal. In addition, the M3 screw stopper-type terminal is equipped for analog output signals of the analog E series,too. You can perform connection with outside machinery easily by using these terminals. Furthermore, the input connector which is similar to the analog E series differential input be equipped.
    • * Connection with the analog E series can be easily connected with a option cable for exclusive. * It can connect this two products to a cascade and can constitute an isolation amplifier of a 16 channel at the maximum. * As for the supply method of a power supply to this product, choice with an outside power supply or via PC side(CN1) are possible. * It can possess a DIN rail by using a option DIN rail installation adapter.
    • Support cards(The analog E series):AD12-16(PCI)EV, AD16-16(PCI)EV, AD12-16U(PCI)EV, AD16-16U(PCI)EV, AD12-16(PCI)E, AD16-16(PCI)E, AD12-16U(PCI)EH, AD16-16U(PCI)EH, AD12-16(PC)EH, AD16-16(PC)EH, AD12-16U(PC)EH, AD16-16U(PC)EH

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