ATSS-16A Simultaneous sampling function extension accessories

  • Standard Warranty1 yr

Overview / Features

This product is the function expansion accessories which realize a simultaneous sampling function by being connected to an interface card (the analog E series) for A/D conversion

    • This product is equipped with 16 sample / hold amplifiers. These sample / hold amplifiers do hold of an analog input signal at 16 channel same time by a timing of a control signal from the analog E series. Because A/D converts an analog input signal done hold of with this product in the analog E series, It can sample a signal of a timing at 16 channel same time.
    • This product is equipped with the M3 screw stopper-type terminal to connect 16 channels analog input signal. In addition, the M3 screw stopper-type terminal is equipped for analog output signals of the analog E series,too. You can perform connection with outside machinery easily by using these terminals. Furthermore, there is a connector for expansion, and connection with option BNC connector terminals is possible.
    • * Connection with the analog E series can be easily connected with a option cable for exclusive. * As for the supply method of a power supply to this product, choice with an outside power supply or via PC side(CN1) are possible. * It can possess a DIN rail by using a option DIN rail installation adapter.

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