CCB-SMC2 Conversion terminal for SMC series

  • Standard Warranty3 yrs

Overview / Features

This product is a conversion terminal capable of easily and appropriately connecting a CONTEC motion control card, motor driver unit and limit sensor with 0.8mm pitch 100pin connector to external devices such as a motor driver unit, limit sensor, and power supply. This product requires a separately priced option cable for connection to the control card.

    • The conversion terminal can accept up to four servomotor or stepping motor driver units. 37pin D-SUB connector which can be easily machined and manufactured. Optimized in pin-signal assignment for easier connection to the controller connector of the motor driver unit.
    • A limit sensor is greatest 4 connection possibility. It adopts 9 pin D-SUB connectors and am accessible to the sensor which needs a power supply to arrange the power supply output every connector.
    • It is equipped with the power supply terminal which adopted a terminal screw method.
    • It can possess a 35mmDIN rail by using DIN rail installation adapter (DIN-ADP1) sold separately.

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