EPD-96A Screw Terminal (M3 x 96)

Overview / Features

The products is a general purpose terminal fastened with screws, which relays the I/O wirings of CONTEC interface card with a 96-pin Half pitch connector. The pins in connector correspond to their respective terminals on the terminal strips on a one-to-one basis, allowing you to easily connect the card to an external device via the terminal strips. A round shape terminal, and a Y form terminal are available together. Note: To connect a card to the accessory, option cable can be purchased separately.

    • Up to 96 signal lines can be connected.
    • The signal line from outside machinery can be connected to terminal easily by only a screw(can use it for a round shape terminal, Y form terminals).
    • Equipped with the [Spring-up] type terminal to prevent the terminal screws from being lost.
    • The optional cable can be used to connect easily to the card.
    • Optimized configuration of card wiring.
    • Signal banks can be mounted on DIN rails.

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