API-AIO(98/PC) Windows version Analog I/O Driver

Overview / Features

API-AIO(98/PC) is the Windows version analog input-and-output driver. I offer the command to hardware in a standard Win32 API function (DLL) form for Windows. By various programming languages, such as Visual Basic and Visual C++, the highly efficient application software which harnessed the special feature of hardware can be created. * [Standard appending] is carried out to the PCI bus correspondence board. The newest version can carry out [free download] from a special site [API-TOOL Developer`s Site].

    • Each hardware of PC-HELPER (IBM PC/AT series correspondence board) and PC-MODULE (PC-9800 series correspondence board) is supported.
    • Each logic group supports a maximum of four boards.
    • Analog input and output of a specification channel can be performed.
    • The internal clock and external clock signal of board loading is used, and an analog input can be performed at intervals of arbitrary time.

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