AD12-8(PM) Analog Input PCMCIA PC Card / 8ch(12bit 100ks/s)

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • End of Repair Service: 2020/01/31

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Overview / Features

AD12-8(PM) is the PC card of the PCMCIA 2.0/JEIDA 4.1 conformity having the function to input an analog signal and to perform conversion (AD translation) to a digital signal, and the function to perform conversion (DA translation) to an analog signal from a digital signal. It can be used after PCMCIA2.0/JEIDA 4.1 (PC Card Standard is included), being able to insert in the PC card slot of conformity. With the Windows version driver (API-PAC(W32)).

    • Loading of a buffer memory (analog input function): Build in the buffer memory for 16,384 data which can be used in FIFO form. The sampling as background processing independent of the throughput of a personal computer is possible.
    • Sampling control function (analog input function): Selection of the internal sampling clock which uses a built-in clock generator, and the external sampling clock which uses the digital signal inputted from the outside is possible for the sampling clock which determines sampling speed.
    • Analog output function: Carry the analog output function of two channels.
    • Digital input-and-output function: It has four digital inputs of a TTL level, and four digital outputs, and the monitor of external apparatus and control can be performed.
    • Option apparatus: The option apparatus which expands a function further can be used. By using option apparatus, a functional rise and connection can be performed easily.

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