ADA16-32/2(CB)F Analog I/O CardBus PC Card / 32ch AI(16bit 500ks/s) / 2ch AO / 2ch Counter - Multifunction DAQ F Series

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • End of Repair Service: 2018/08/31

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Overview / Features

It is multi-function PC Card for CardBus equipped with highly precise AIO, digital input and output, a counter function. It is equipped with a hardware event controller that unify control signals to manage, and the Bus master transfer function which high speed forwards large-capacity data, The PC measurement control system which is high speed / high precision is realized. Drivers attachment for Windows/Linux. In addition, a data logger is soft[C-LOGGER(Attachment)] is program that It usedless data collection, plug in of an exclusive library (a free download) and supports MATLAB and LabVIEW.

    • Various sampling control with an event controller: As for analog input and analog output an outside clock signal synchronization whenever a counter value becomes the value that set analog input starts , It puts an event and the outside control signal input together freely and can perform control for the high synchronization that does not depend on software.
    • It can realize a similar system with a desktop PC, or a note PC. ADA16-32/2(PCI)F and ADA16-32/2(CB)F which are the analog F series possess a similar function. It can almost just move the system assets which it built with a desktop PC in a note PC system.
    • In analog input and each analog output, When It does not perform Bus maste transfer, it is equipped with an available buffer memory. It can perform AIO in the background that does not depend on software and the movement situation of a PC.
    • To an outside control signal, a digital input signal of AIO, a counter input signal, It possess the digital filter which can prevent chattering. In addition, adjustment of analog input and analog output is possible in software(a protectionreading program).
    • Analog input and analog output can perform Bus master transfer individually or at the same time, Large-capacity data transmission is possible without hanging load to CPU. Other functions synchronize with a clock signal of analog input, too and can transfer at the same time.
    • *: I cannot use a PC Card slot of TYPE II size in both slots in the case of the PC that 2 form a line lengthwise at two pieces of same time. It can use memory cards with the PC Card which do not use an outside connector for.

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