ADA16-8/2(CB)L Analog I/O CardBus PC Card / 8ch AI(16bit 100ks/s) / 2ch AO / 1ch Counter - Multifunction DAQ L Series

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • End of Repair Service: 2018/08/31

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Overview / Features

This product is PC Card of TYPEII size for PC Card Standard conformity CardBus equipped with highly precise AIO, the digital input, the digital output, a counter function. Only in this PC Card, your can build various highly precise PC measurement control systems. Windows Driver Library API-PAC(W32) /Linux driver API-AIO(LNX) is Bundled. In addition, the product also supports No-programing data collection with a data logger soft[C-LOGGER(Attachment)] , and supports MATLAB and LabVIEW with plug in of an exclusive library(free download).

    • Substantiality of a basic function: It realizes highly precise AIO by a compact system. ADA16-8/2(CB)L carries analog input (16bit, 8ch), analog output (16bit, 2ch), control signal (6 points) of AIO, digital input (4 points), digital output (4 points), counter (32bit, 1ch).
    • Substantiality of a control function: As for the AIO, the input and output that synchronized to input and output of every time and an outside signal together is possible.
    • The filter function deployment to do connection of an outside signal easily: To an outside control signal, a digital input signal of AIO, a counter input signal, It possess the digital filter which can prevent chattering. In addition, adjustment of analog input and analog output is possible by software (a protectionreading program).
    • It is equipped with a buffer memory: It puts a buffer memory on analog input and each analog output. It can perform AIO in the background that does not depend on software and the movement situation of a PC.
    • It can realizes a similar system with a desktop PC or a note PC: ADA16-8/2(LPCI)L and ADA16-8/2(CB)L which are the analog L series possess a similar function. It can almost just move the system assets which built with a desktop PC in a note PC system.
    • *: It cannot use a PC Card slot of TYPE II size in both slots in the case of the PC that 2 form a line lengthwise at two pieces of same time. It can use memory cards with the PC Card which It do not use an outside connector for.

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