COM-1(PM) Serial Communication PCMCIA PC Card RS-232C 1ch

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • End of Repair Service: 2018/03/30

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Overview / Features

COM-1(PM) is the PC card of the PC Card Standard conformity which expands the RS-232C serial communication port of one channel in a personal computer. UART 16550 which has the FIFO buffer of 16 bytes of transmission / 16 bytes of reception in each channel is carried. It can be used as a Windows or standard COM port for Linux. A program is also possible at a Win32 API communication function or MSComm.

    • Since Plug&Play correspondence is carried out, the resource information on an I/O Address or IRQ is set up automatically.
    • It corresponds to a maximum of 115,200bps high-speed communication.
    • The baud rate of each channel can be set up by software.
    • The FIFO buffer of 16 bytes of transmission and 16 bytes of reception is carried.
    • It can be used being able to mount a maximum of two sheets in the same personal computer.
    • It can be used as Windows and a standard COM port of Linux by attached driver software. Programming in communication control (MSComm) of Win32API communication functions (CreateFile( ) and WriteFile( ) etc.) or Visual Basic is also pos

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