GP-IB(PCI)L Low Price IEEE-488.2 GPIB Interface Board for PCI

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • Extended WarrantyAvailable
  • End of Repair Service: 2026/01/09

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* The end of repair date may change depending on the situation.

  • Since it is based on IEEE-488.2 standard, the various external equipments defined by this standard are controllable.
  • The timer ability which can be used with application is carried and exact time surveillance can be performed also in use in the Windows environment.
  • All setup of GPIB each function can be performed by software.
  • The line read-out function of IFC and SRQ can perform each processing from application (with a latch function of IFC ).
  • This product does not support Windows 64bit version.
  • *
    For details about an extended warranty, please contact us.

Ordering Information

Replacement Product

Model Definition
Low Price & High-speed IEEE-488.2 GPIB Interface Board for PCI

Although you need to setup hardware again, you can continue to use existing programs with the successor. For details, please see the manual.

Ordering Information

Model Description Certification
GP-IB(PCI)L [Discontinued] [End of Repair Service : 9 January, 2026] Low Price IEEE-488.2 GPIB Interface Board for PCI
  • CE marking
  • VCCI


Device Drivers

Item Item Name
API-GPIB(98/PC) Windows version GPIB Communication Driver
API-GPLV(W32) Windows version LabVIEW GPIB Communication Driver
API-TIMER(W32) Timer Driver

Development Support Tools

Item Item Name
ACX-PAC(W32) ActiveX components sets for measurement system development


Item Item Name
PCN-T02 GPIB Cable (2m)
PCN-T04 GPIB Cable (4m)

Other Accessories

Item Item Name
CN-GP/C GPIB Counter Adapter

Extended Warranty Service

Item Item Name
ESP-F6 Extended warranty service package (6 years service course) (Japan only)

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