CNT24-2(FIT)GY Counter F&eIT I/O module 2ch (24bit Up/Down count 500kHz) / Incremental encoder interface / Isolated

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Overview / Features

This product is applicable to positioning control combining the count of a high-speed pulse signal, and an encoder. It connects with the controller module of F&eIT series, and a system can be built, or it can connect with CNT24-2(USB) GY, and an input channel can be added. Moreover, since CPU which controls an external signal and a module has isolated with the digital isolator, it does not have electric influence of external on a host computer as it is.

    • The 24-bit up/down count for two channels can be performed.
    • 2 phase pulse signals, such as a rotary encoder or a linear gauge, are countable.
    • It has equipped the general-purpose I/O signal each one channel.
    • Since Device ID can be set up with a rotary switch, management of apparatus number can be performed easily.
    • A special tool was not needed but wiring has adopted the easy screw-less connector plug.
    • The module main part is equipped with 35mmDIN rail attachment mechanism as standard like other F&eIT series products. Moreover, since the connection to a controller unit has unique composition with a stack connection on the side, it does not use connection apparatus, such as a back plain board, can constitute a system simply and smartly.

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