IPC-BX950-DC Embedded PC BX950 series with fanless Core Duo U2500, VGA

  • Discontinued
  • End of Repair Service: 2020/09/11

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* The end of repair date may change depending on the situation.

Overview / Features

This product is a fan-less embedded computer (BOX-PC) packaged in a slim chassis of 25mm. IPC-BX950T1 series, which have the 1.20GHz ultra low voltage Core (TM) Duo processor, 945GME chip set, and 1GB DDR2 SDRAM memory, achieve a high-level computing and drawing ability. Adopting air-cooling system using a large heat sink (fan-less) and CF card as its storage device (bootable), this product achieves high levels of reliability and quietness. This product is model without OS.

    • A high performance embedded computer packaged in 25mm slim chassis [256(W) x 183(D) x 25(H)] that can be installed anywhere you want. It can be installed to a 35mm-wide space between walls, inside of the wall, or on the back of LCD display using the provided attachment fittings. (It is also possible to attach to the VESA standard 100/200mm using the optional fittings.)
    • Adopting the Intel (R) 945GME, ICH7M-DH chip set, IPC-BX950T1 series achieve a high-level computing and drawing ability by using the 1.20GHz (FSB 533MHz) ultra low voltage Core (TM) Duo processor. This product is ideal for the content delivery through the large display. It also has 1GB memory.
    • It has a variety of extended interface such as 1000BASE-T x 2, USB2.0 x 4, serial (RS-232C) x 2. It has two CF card slots that can use for OS and data. They are very useful because you can use one slot for system start-up and the other for maintenance, system log, or taking away the collected data. It also has a LVDS interface as well as a general-purpose analog RGB to display in double screens.
    • Unnecessary trouble can be avoided by the use of clamps for prevention of cable disconnection and the use of metal fittings for prevention of CF card disconnection. Retention of CMOS data by EEPROM allows the system to start up even when the battery has run out. For Windows XP Embedded installed model, it is possible to use the EWF function of OS. It is designed for safety required for embedding purpose, for example, prohibiting unwanted writing to the CF card with EWF function will relieve the concern about the writing limits to the CF card and prevent an unintentional system alteration.
    • It achieves the air-cooling system (fan-less) by using a large heat sink. It also achieves a high-level reliability and quietness by adopting CF card (bootable) as its storage device.

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