F&e Web Server

Easily implement remote monitoring at a low cost.
CONTEC's "F&e Web Server" reduces customer costs and problems, satisfying our customers in a variety of ways.

Main advantages

Advantage 1. Web-based operation/settings
You can do everything from configuring the settings required for remote monitoring and data logging to operating the screen for monitoring these settings from a web browser. All you need is a PC running Windows. No dedicated software or devices are necessary.

Advantage 2. Supports email notifications
In addition to the web monitoring and data logger functions, a notification function is also available. You can set up automatic email notifications to be sent when errors occur or to provide periodic status reports.

Advantage 3. Supports various interfaces and connections to PLCs
Data can be collected directly from the assembled I/O units. Also, connections to various PLCs are supported.

Advantage 4. Compact body that is optimal for embedding in other devices
The compact main unit is the same size as a business card case. This small size ensures that the main unit will not interfere with the equipment or device being monitored. Also, there is no fan or other moving parts, so this product is very quiet and has excellent environmental resistance.

Advantage 5. Usage examples and application examples are available
This product has a wide variety of applications ranging from standard distributed remote monitoring to error monitoring of specific equipment. It can also be applied to traceability systems and trend management systems depending on how the collected data is used.

Advantage 6. Additional usage methods
"F&e Web Server" is not limited to the services that we currently provide. You can add new functions by customizing the program.

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