Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

System Integration: Stability, Consistency and Predictability

The Contec Planned Technology Control Program (PTCP) provides stability in the rapidly changing world of commercial computing technology. The PTCP system integration services provides customers with a consistent and predictable product throughout the life of their product. Product life cycle management begins at the concept phase where high quality, reliable components with predictable, long lives are selected. After we define the product and the validation of the product commences, all key components are tightly controlled through a formal process that identifies key components in the the bill of material in our ERP system. If a component is a key component in the bill of material, its life cycle is monitored to determine the remaining active life of the product.

How it Works

If it is determined that a component will be obsolete within an agreed upon notification period, a Product End of Life Notification (PEOLN) form is delivered to the Customer. This notification includes recommended replacement components. As a result of this notification, backlog scheduled within the notification period is protected. Contec consults with the Customer to determine the appropriate course of action. Within 14 days of the notification, it is determined with the Customer: if the change of the obsolete component is to be cut in sooner than the agreed upon notification period; if the change will be made at the time specified in the notification; or if a longer life needs to be provided for through lifetime buy provisions.

Once the replacement product and the cut in date for the change are agreed upon, proof of concept and validation products can be provided to facilitate validation and verification with the customer. In addition, a Product Change Authorization is issued to the Customer to authorize the change to the product. No change can be implemented without authorization in writing from the Customer.

Product Life Cycle Management Services Include:

  • Advanced Notification of Change
  • Key Component Identification
  • Defined Level of Control
  • Component Stocking Requirement

Benefits of PLM

The goals of this hardware lifecycle management program are to design in predictability, reliability and long life up front; resist changes in technology; provide sufficient notification of change for validation and documentation of the change in accordance with regulatory requirements; and to ensure that the Customer authorizes any change to their product.

Our customers benefit directly by receiving:
  • Labor Efficiency & Cost Control
  • Quick Response Status Communication
  • 100% Component & System Tracking to Serial Numbers
  • Product/Component Life Cycle Control
  • On-Time Deliveries

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