Firmware Update : M2M /IoT Solution CONPROSYS™ M2M Gateway Series [Ver.3.72 → Ver.3.73]

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Contec updated firmware of M2M/IoT Solution CONPROSYS™ M2M Gateway Series.

What's New

Name of Series What's New Download
M2M Gateway Series Ver3.7.2 -> Ver3.7.3
- Changed 100msec interlock of scan interval to 10msec in PLC device settings.
- The LED control processing for shutdown by the MCS341 series power switch is integrated with the processing by the MC/MG341 series shutdown switch.
- Added Expansion SDK
  Add custom type [file].
- Add a function to terminate the process of writing to the SD card when updating.
- Add a process to write unprocessed data in the cache to the SD card when updating.

Problem Fix
- Expansion SDK was fixed
  Cannot remove or edit options of custom programs for startup if they contain the "/" character.
  Unable to get local time in custom program.
- In PLC TCP communication, communication becomes impossible depending on the connection disconnection method of the other device.
- Improved processing of PLC Ethernet communication when receiving data.
 PLC concerned: OMRON SYSMAC Series
- Reviewed the process of receiving READ requests for ASCII communication for Mitsubishi Q/IQ-F/IQ-R Series.

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