Elevator Monitoring System

System Overview

Our Box Computer BX-200 integrated in the cage obtains measurement data and monitors operational information of an elevator such as the stopping position of the cage for optimum operation.

Systems Diagram

Our BOX Computer obtains the information about the elevator cage.
The measurement data is collected by the host computer and is used to change the elevator control pattern based on the parameter settings configured by the host computer.


  • Extremely compact design occupying minimal space for installation

    This is the smallest & lightest device in the series, a pocket-book-sized fanless PC for embedded applications. We incorporated in this device the low-heat-generating and low power consumption CPU, Intel® Atom™ processor, which is also used in multifunctional terminals, to offer the optimum device for embedding personal computer functionality in your equipment.

  • Fanless design with no cooling slits

    We eliminated the use of cooling slits and CPU fans and adopted a CF card for data storage to offer a product that does not use any spindles. This feature prevents dust and foreign materials from entering the system and greatly reduces the maintenance and inspection burden by reducing as much as possible the use of components that deteriorate with age.

  • RAS hardware monitoring & remote control functions

    The system’s RAS function offers extensive functions including application monitoring (watch dog timer), monitoring of faults including temperature rise and abnormal voltages, and general-purpose digital output/input interface. Remote reset and system upgrade functions using external switches (digital signal input), and the system upgrades via network (LAN) or by modem signals are also available, allowing users to build automatic recovery and remote control systems. It also provides CF card backup and restore functions through BIOS setup that enable users to restore the system in the event of an OS system crash.

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