Illumination Control System

System Overview

This illumination control system provides the appropriate brightness according to the ambient brightness and changes in brightness.

Systems Diagram

The Contec BOX COMPUTER is embedded as an illumination controller, and it provides the appropriate brightness by sending commands to the controlled illumination device according to the ambient brightness and changes in brightness.
Not only does it provide the appropriate brightness, but it also controls the amount of power consumption and contributes to energy savings.


  • Slim enclosure

    Space-saving design with a size of 35 x 182 x 155 mm (H x W x D) that greatly contributes to a compact size.
    Can be installed in a small 50-mm area equivalent to approximately A5 size. It maintains the sense of design without having to worry about the installation location.

  • High reliability and quiet operation

    Natural (fanless) cooling operation.
    The storage device uses a spindle-less design for high reliability and quiet operation.
    Contec uses its cultivated experience and technology such as operation of a high-spec CPU without fan.

  • Stable, long-term supply

    Contec provides stable, long-term supply which are necessary for industrial applications and system integration.

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