School Wireless LAN

System Overview

This system offers a secure and stable school wireless LAN environment with low running costs using the FLEXLAN series.

Systems Diagram

The system provides a wireless LAN access point (master station) capable of concurrent connection of 2 wireless LAN standards: IEEE802.11n/a (5 GHz band), and IEEE802.11n/b/g (2.4 GHz band). This wireless LAN access point features a centralized control system.

The centralized control system using a wireless LAN controller allows the administrator to control as a whole the wireless LAN access points installed at each base-station.
With this system, the administrator can provide network settings required for device replacement and access restriction in the event of a failure, resulting in a reduction of design, management, and operation costs.


  • PoE compatibility

    A PoE injector can be used to provide both electric power and data through LAN cable. When devices are to be installed on the ceiling or walls, there is no need to worry about the position of outlets.

  • Smart access point: ZCA1300

    Our product lineup includes IP67-compliant, dustproof and waterproof outdoor models.
    These models are equipped with a beam forming function (2.4GHz band) that automatically optimizes radio wave environment.

  • Tight security

    Wi-Fi area accessible from various terminals can easily be set up. Access restriction settings can be changed freely to improve system security and reduce administrative burden.

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