AI-equipped Self-consumption Storage Battery Control System

System Overview

It is a control system that uses the solar power generation installed on the roof of the factory for self-consumption, suppresses the use of grid power in combination with a storage battery, and utilizes the maximum power.

System Diagram

This system can measure the power consumed in-house and also control the charging and discharging of solar power generation and storage batteries. AI controls the optimal usage of solar power generation according to the power consumption status.


  • Reverse power flow prevention function utilizing the latest AI technology

    Estimate the generated power to be controlled by the latest AI technology. When the amount of power generation exceeds the consumption and storage capacity, the output of the power conditioner will be controlled to prevent the occurrence of reverse power flow. Our simulation showed that it could be able to suppress the occurrence of reverse power flow by about 98%.

  • Control of charging and discharging in cooperation with the storage battery system

    When excess power is generated by solar power generation, the storage battery will be charged. When the amount of power generation is insufficient, the power in the storage battery will be discharged to control the efficient power usage status. It constantly measures the changing value of the power supply and demand situation, and automatically controls the optimal power usage at that time.

  • Semi-order type that can select the signal to be measured

    It is a semi-order type package system that allows you to select the signal to be measured according to your needs. We will listen to the required specifications of the equipment and cooperate with the system integrator to make optimal proposals.

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