Distributed Power Conditioner Measurement Monitoring System

System Overview

Data is measured and aggregated by SolarView Air for each block of distributed power conditioner. Data is aggregated on the cloud server and can be managed collectively on one screen.

Systems Diagram

Up to 30 or 2 MW power conditioners can be connected per SolarView Air. In addition, up to 40 SolarView Air units can be managed collectively.


  • Collectively manage a large number of power conditioners in a unified format

    When managing multiple power plants at the same time, the data format differs for each power plant, which can be complicated to manage. SolarView Air has a multi-account function that allows you to view the power generation status of up to 40 units (40 locations) on one screen, and can efficiently manage and operate with unified data.

  • Providing measuring equipment + 4G LTE network + cloud service in one package

    Since the 4G LTE network (contract already) is included in the set, there is no need to install or contract a separate network device, and there is no problem with installing it even at a field solar power plant. In addition, the measured data can be sent to a dedicated cloud server on a regular basis, and the power generation status can be viewed anytime and anywhere via the Internet.

  • Quick notification when an abnormality is detected

    When an abnormality in the power plant is detected, an email will be sent to the registered email address in real time. It does not require constant monitoring and contributes to uniform management that does not depend on the monitoring skills of the administrator.

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