Measurement Monitoring System For Solar Power Generation

System Overview

This system measures the amount of electricity generated and monitors the power generation state in the solar power plant.
We introduce our SolarView Air, which is a monitoring package using a 3G network and cloud service.

Systems Diagram

The system communicates with the power conditioner by RS-485 or Ethernet to collect the information including the electricity generated.
The collected information is then calculated and recorded as measurement information. It is capable of sending an e-mail notification based on the status alarm information if necessary.
The system sends the information obtained to the cloud server for unified management, thus offering a service that allows customers with an Internet connection to browse the electricity generated regardless of their location.
It can also be used as a means of visualizing the electricity generated if it is coordinated with DVI outputs and signage terminals.


  • Compatible with a wide range of power conditioners

    The system is compatible with more than 90 models provided by 17 manufacturers.
    It communicates with the power conditioner directly to obtain exact measurement data, and sends a real time e-mail notification when an abnormality has occurred with the power conditioner.
    Four monitoring contacts are included as standard, allowing the monitoring of, for example, the power receiving and transforming facilities.
    Analog input terminals for meteorological signals are also included to enable users to take in information from actinometers and thermometers.

  • Cloud Service

    The system regularly sends the measurement data obtained via 3G network to the dedicated cloud server, allowing users to browse the electricity generated via the Internet any time from anywhere. The status of power generation at 40 power plants at maximum can be browsed on one display screen, which liberates the customers owning multiple solar power plants or O&M companies from the burden of management and operation. (This service is currently available only in Japan)

  • Output control capability

    The system is capable of performing output control. We are cooperating with power conditioner manufacturers to introduce output control.
    The system can be used for applications for which output suppression control is essential.
    (Please contact us for information on power conditioner models offering output control function.)

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