Baggage Transportation

System Overview

The panel computer in this system provides work instructions and a check system for airport baggage transportation facilities.

Systems Diagram

This terminal, with a stainless steel enclosure for enhanced environment resistance and waterproof properties, is a system for reading the barcodes attached to the baggage. It also can be used to give work instructions by adding a large display.


  • For semi-outdoor environments

    The terminal uses a drip-proof, stainless steel enclosure suited to applications in semi-outdoor environments.
    The stainless steel plate covering even the enclosure’s back side, the durable glass touch panel, drip-proof covers protecting interface parts, and other features contribute to achieving a strong body that has resistance to water, oil, and dust.

  • High reliability

    The HDD less & FAN less design has no moving parts, a likely cause of trouble, and ensures high reliability with reduced maintenance burden. The components which have been carefully selected based on the experience of CONTEC, an assembly manufacturer, further improve the reliability of the product.

  • Power-saving feature

    The adoption of power-saving LED backlights and Intel® Atom™ processors for embedded devices helps to achieve low power consumption while ensuring satisfactory performance, thus contributing to running cost reductions and energy saving.

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