Forklift Wireless Terminal

System Overview

A wireless LAN device or terminal mounted on the forklift cooperates with the storing/retrieving control and instruction system, enabling the forklift operator to know the next job to do on board.

Systems Diagram

A combination of a box computer and wireless LAN cards provides real time instructions for the storing/retrieving operation by forklifts, which used to be performed per written operator instructions, drastically reducing time spent on traveling and preparing instructions.
This system cooperates with the inventory control system, and operates in conjunction with the storing/retrieving control system consisting of APs (access points) installed in the warehouse and wireless handheld terminals.


  • Wireless Technology

    The system makes efficient use of an extended roaming function that ensures seamless connectivity.
    Information exchange between the forklift terminal and the server allows the forklift operator to determine the items to pick and their destination by referring to the forklift terminal screen.

  • Paperless

    The system achieves paperless storing/retrieving operation by forklifts, which used to be performed with written instructions to the operator.
    Delivery instructions, work completion notifications, and other information are shared via wireless LAN, providing both a high degree of security and excellent maintainability.

  • Operation Plan Review

    Reviewing the operation rate index and operation efficiency of forklifts will help to identify the items producing waste. The system provides users with useful information to review operation plans and procedures.

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