Gas Cogeneration System Remote Monitoring

System Overview

Proper inspection and regular maintenance of gas cogeneration systems have been essential aspects of ensuring a long service life and sufficient power generation quality.

Constant monitoring of the gas engine’s power generation status and operation conditions (including watching for overcurrent and abnormalities in temperature and pressure) makes it possible to detect signs of failure or malfunction in advance and perform maintenance accordingly, helping to minimize component replacement and maintenance costs.

Measuring the total operating time and using this as a basis for systematically replacing parts and performing maintenance also helps to prevent sudden failures and serious accidents and to ensure the stable operation of the gas cogeneration system.

System Configuration

Using a Modbus TCP connection to the PLC Gateway (FV-MG100) from the PLC being used to control and measure the gas cogeneration system makes it possible to collect power generation status and equipment error data, which can then be sent to the FacilityView cloud service for storage and status monitoring.


  • Centralized facility monitoring

    Thresholds can be set for equipment error contact signals and analog measurement values, and error notifications can be sent via email to the specified personnel when an error is detected.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Setting threshold values for measured data makes it possible to automatically send email notifications if signs of failure or malfunction are detected in a facility. This allows for improved maintenance that helps reduce labor and parts replacement costs.

  • Periodic inspection notifications

    Operation time thresholds can be set so that the specified personnel is notified via email when periodic inspection becomes necessary.

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