Parking Lot Guidance System

System Overview

This system provides information on parking locations and retail information for department stores.

Systems Diagram

The parking position is captured by camera, and this is linked with the license plate number to identify the parking position.
A slim Contec embedded computer is used as the controller of the terminal for searching for parking positions.
Not only does it provide parking positions, but it also provides information of stores within the department store and supports video playback such as commercials.


  • Slim enclosure

    The embedded computer condenses high performance computer functions in a slim enclosure and requires little installation space. The supplied mounting bracket enables installation in small spaces, within walls, or even to the rear of an LCD display.

  • High reliability and quiet operation

    Uses a large heat sink to realize natural (fanless) cooling operation.
    The storage device uses a spindle-less design for high reliability and quiet operation.
    CONTEC uses its cultivated experience and technology such as operation of a high-spec CPU with only a heat sink.

  • Stable, long-term supply

    Contec products provide stable, long-term supply so as to make the most of developed applications as a controller used in industrial applications and system integration.

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