DAQ Blog Series - Broadcast Systems with Digital I/O & Analog I/O

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Around-the-clock operation is built with a system consists of box computers, silicon disks and the use of a "common independent output board" that enables connection of devices with different ground levels.

An automatic broadcasting system for cable television (CATV) must work around the clock without interruptions to enable automatic broadcasting of CATV programs. Thanks to a high-precision 24-hour timer, the system conducts necessary control at preset times, e.g., running commercials or telops. Video equipment and other broadcasting devices are controlled online through parallel control using industrial PCs, digital I/O and analog I/O boards.


  • The CATV broadcasting system is based on box computers adopted for video equipment control, switcher control, and take input control. Field-proven, high-reliability computers and control boards are required to meet the requirement of uninterrupted operation for three years.
  • Silicon disks, instead of hard disks, are used to realize the around-the-clock, uninterrupted operation.

Our Solution:

  • The control, using industrial PCs and DAQ boards, contributed to high performance with cost reductions.
  • Since different broadcasting equipment has different ground levels, highly efficient wiring was achieved through the use of independent common type boards.
  • Although this was a stand-alone project, a combination of standard products was used to accomplish an efficient configuration.

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