DAQ Blog Series - Test Systems with Digital I/O & Analog I/O

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Test Systems with Digital I/O, Analog I/O and counter boards with industrial computers. Additional expansion units available with long cables to provide flexible layout.

Tension/compression test equipment is used to test the strength of a variety of materials. In this example, the load will be applied on metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, and wood. The signals obtained from the load cell will be measured by the analog I/O board. The load data recorded until the breakage of test piece can be sampled at a maximum speed of 500KHz and saved on the PC hard drive while being displayed graphically on the monitor.

Digital I/O & Analog I/O Features:

The PCI bus expansion unit is incorporated in order to allow the laptop PC to be connected to various high-performance PCI buses for desktop PC.

Since this expansion unit can be used at a maximum of 12m away from the laptop PC, test equipment can be laid out with high flexibility.

Digital I/O & Analog I/O Solution:

With the use of the laptop PC for the test system, you can construct a space-saving and flexible system.

When a test is not conducted, you can simply remove the expansion unit CardBus adapter from your laptop PC so that you can use it in the laboratory or office for your data analysis.

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