Software Development Kit


This software development tool helps users to write their own programs when they use a CONPROSYS hardware device as a Linux controller.
There are two types of SDKs: a cross development environment that uses a Ubuntu PC connected by a serial communication port, and a self-development environment that uses CONPROSYS hardware.

Cooperation with partner solutions

Connection with Microsoft Azure
Contec is a Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT Partner. The CPS-MC341-ADSC2 uses CONPROSYS Linux SDK received the "Azure Certified for IoT" certification which means this controller has passed the Azure IoT Hub connection test.
Connections with FUJITSU Cloud Service IoT Platform
The CPS-MC series and the CPS-MCS series using Linux SDK are certified devices of the IoT Platform Ready Program.
Connections with Saison information system HULFT IoT
The CPS-MC series and the CPS-MCS series using Linux SDK are "HULFT IoT Ready" certified.

Cross-build version


Operating environment

Supported OS Linux distribution: Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit)
HDD free space: 40Gbyte or more
An administrative privilege user who can execute "sudo"
Supported devices M2M controller (integrated type)
  • CPS-MC341-ADSC1
  • CPS-MC341-ADSC2
  • CPS-MC341G-ADSC1
  • CPS-MC341Q-ADSC1
  • CPS-MC341-DS1
  • CPS-MC341-DS2
  • CPS-MC341-DS11
  • CPS-MC341-A1
M2M controller (configurable type)
  • CPS-MCS341-DS1

Self build

CONPROSYS Linux contains the Web Server function on Self-build edition SDK, network setting and system information can be monitored by accessing directly the IP address of CONPROSYS from Web browser on PC.

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