New Product Release - Standard-equipped with Whitelist Security Countermeasure Software Palm-sized CONPROSY™ CPS-BXC200 Series Embedded PCs Designed for IoT Edge Computing

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. has developed embedded PCs standard-equipped with whitelist security countermeasure software and designed for IoT edge computing. The new IoT Edge Controller (model: CPS-BXC200) from the CONPROSYS™ brand of industrial IoT products was released for sale on November 13, 2018.


Combination with I/O Modules

Model Description OS
Intel Atom™ E3950, 4GB RAM ECC,
32GB M.2 Card (pSLC) installed,
DisplayPort×1, Analog RGB×1
Windows 10 IoT
Enterprise LTSB2016 64bit Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean+McAfee

Main features

  • Secures IoT device for edge computing

    This product is pre-installed with a 64-bit version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise that supports four languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) as well as with McAfee whitelist (*1) antivirus software. The CPS-BXC200 already has all the equipment required for an Internet-connected device. (CPS-BXC200-W10M01P03)

  • Three Gigabit LAN ports for alternating connections between different network layers

    This product is equipped with three Gigabit LAN ports. This makes it the optimal device for IoT gateway applications that alternate connections between different network layers such as between field busses and controllers within a factory and higher-order information system networks.

  • I/O expansion modules with the same API functions as PCI Express, PCI, and USB bus products

    Development performed using a Windows PC and CONTEC’s wide array of expansion card products is made even more efficient thanks to the fact that applications can be directly ported to CPS-BXC200 devices and I/O modules in the execution environment. Stacking of up to eight I/O modules is possible (total current consumption of stack type devices shall be 3.3 A or less).

  • Reductions in running costs and energy usage

    This product uses the E3950 low power consumption Intel® Atom™ processor platform in order to achieve low power consumption while still providing sufficient performance.

  • Supports a wide range of temperatures with operations guaranteed from -20 to 60°C

    Stable operations of this product are possible in environments with a wide range of temperatures from -20 to 60°C.

  • Slitless and fanless design that reduces maintenance and inspection work

    This product has no heat dissipation slit and CPU fan, uses an SSD for storage, and has a completely spindleless design. This feature prevents dust and foreign materials from entering the system and greatly reduces the maintenance and inspection burden by reducing as much as possible the use of components that deteriorate with age.
    *1: In this security countermeasure, the programs and codes whose execution is permitted are registered to a list in advance. The execution of all programs and codes not registered to this list is blocked. This is effective against attacks aimed at vulnerabilities prior to the release of countermeasures and corrected programs (zero-day attacks).

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