New Product Release - Module Type Remote I/O, CONPROSYS™ nano Series. Easy Wiring at Multiple Points with Daisy Chain

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Contec Co., Ltd. has developed remote I/O CPU unit, CPSN-MCB271-1-041(hereinafter “New model”) as new product of CONPROSYS™ nano series that is sub-brand of CONPROSYS™ family for IoT solution, configurable type of remote I/O modules. Product shipments start on July 31.

XPT-T1000LX,XPT-T1000HX Configuration image with four I/O modules

Model number Model name Features
Remote I/O CPU (4 slots) Windows/Linux driver
Modbus-TCP slave
2xLAN(contains a switch function)
4x I/O Module slots

 The new product can be used as a slave device of Windows / Linux PC or PLC. Programming is possible with a dedicated driver software for Windows / Linux (free download from our website).
 As a slave device of Modbus-compatible PLC that supports Modbus-TCP communication, it is possible to connect the wide area points by daisy chain, and it is free from the trouble of wiring.
 In the expansion slot, various I/O modules (on sale) required for each endpoint can be flexibly configured.

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