New Product Release : New FA Computers Offering High-Reliability, Long-Term Support, and Long-Term Supply ー New Release of VPC-1700 and VPC-3100 Compatible with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i Processors

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 CONTEC has developed new high-performance FA computers capable of continuous 24-hour operation that are compatible with 8th generation Coffee Lake Intel® Core™ processors. The company will begin receiving orders for the VPC-1700 and VPC-3100 on October 15, 2020.



 The new product series are successor models in the VPC series, which has been one of our customers’ preferred choices for FA computers since its launch in 2009. The Intel Q370 chipset is used, which means that the products are compatible with 8th generation Intel Core processors. The new releases are equipped with a selection of interfaces, including DVI-I, HDMI, and DisplayPort, as well as three Gigabit LAN ports and eight USB ports. Products are BTO with options for up to 32 GB of memory, hot-swap hardware RAID (mirroring) configurations, and more.

 These new products are successors to the VPC-1600 and VPC-3000, respectively. While inheriting the functionality and maintaining the exterior compatibility of their predecessors, the new VPC-1700 and VPC-3100 feature greatly improved calculation processing capability as well as supporting three standard-size PCI cards.*1 The VPC-1700 and VPC-3100 offer processing speeds about 3.4 times*2 and 1.9 times*2 greater, respectively, compared to conventional models, supporting edge computing environments that generally need sophisticated image processing and high-speed control.

 A screwless detachable front panel allows easy maintenance, as components that have finite lifespans, such as storage, fans, and dust filters, can be accessed from the front of the unit for easy replacement.

Main features

  • 8th generation (Coffee Lake) Intel Core series CPUs

    Available with a power-saving, high-performance 8th-generation Core processor for advanced computation and drawing performance while minimizing power consumption. The use of embedded CPUs and chipsets makes it possible to ensure a stable long-term supply.

  • Highly reliable and long-life components to ensure 24-hour continuous operations

    The high-reliability long-life design utilizes accumulated knowledge about BOX-PC embedded computers. By supporting hot-swap hardware RAID 1, storage replacement can be performed from the front while the system is running. The VPC-1700 and VPC-3100 can be reliably used for high-availability systems.

  • Rich variety of interfaces for convenient peripheral expansion

    The new products are equipped with various expansion interfaces, including DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort, 1000BASE-T × 3, USB 3.1 Gen1 (USB 3.0) × 4, USB 2.0 × 4, serial (RS-232C) × 4, and serial (RS-232C/RS-422A/RS-485). (VPC-3100)

  • Up to four PCI Express and PCI expansion cards can be installed

    The VPC-3100 is equipped with PCI Express(x16) × 1, (x4) × 2, and PCI × 1 expansion slots, and the VPC-1700 can be equipped with PCI Express(x1) × 1 and PCI × 2 or PCI × 3 expansion slots for use with various I/O expansion cards.

  • Physical dimensions and mounting specifications compatible with conventional VPC-1600 and VPC-3000

    In order to facilitate the replacement of conventional VPC-1600 and VPC-3000 models, the physical dimensions have been kept the same.

  • *1
    When PCI x 3 is selected in the VPC-1700’s BTO menu.
  • *2
    PassMark CPU benchmark for conventional VPC-1600 model’s highest-end CPU Core i5-4570TE and new VPC-1700 model’s highest-end CPU Core i7-8700T; PassMark CPU benchmark for conventional VPC-3000 model’s highest-end CPU Core i7-4770S and new VPC-3100 model’s highest-end CPU Core i7-8700.

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