New Product Release: 15 New Box Computer and Panel Computer Models with No OS Shutdown Required

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Contec has added 15 new fanless embedded Box Computers and Panel Computers with integrated touchscreen featuring a Power Failure Protection system for reliable operation with no shutdown procedure required even in the event of a power failure. Sequential sales of these new models began on January 24, 2023.

Products with Power Failure Protection SystemProducts with Power Failure Protection system

Equipped with SSD boot drives, these new fanless, spindleless industrial computers come with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2019 preinstalled. The Power Failure Protection system protects data being written even in the event of a sudden power failure and can be used in combination with the Windows lockdown (disk write suppression) feature, ensuring power can be safely turned off even without performing OS shutdown process.

Power Failure Protection system products are equipped with SSDs featuring powerful protective functions. In the event of a sudden drop in voltage, the system immediately prevents new SSD write operations and performs a final write operation to prevent data loss before power is lost. The SSD write protection feature can be easily enabled in the BIOS settings.

Industrial computers used as embedded systems for various equipment require shutdown operations before turning off the power, making measures such as incorporating backup power supplies necessary to protect the equipment from sudden, unexpected power interruptions. The Power Failure Protection system not only protects the computers from such risks but also helps keep embedded devices as small as possible with fewer parts and at a lower cost.

Various other Contec functions offer enhanced system availability and reliability, including Windows boot-up in as little as 8 seconds* with CONTEC Fast Boot, OS boot lock-out using a USB device as the key with Secure Boot USB Key, BIOS-enabled disk image backup with Disk Copy, and BIOS-based device diagnosis with Self-Diagnosis.

  • *
    CONTEC Fast Boot and the HORM function are disabled by default. When CONTEC Fast Boot is enabled, microcontroller functions including TPM (Trusted Platform Module) functions, the watchdog timer, and GPIO are disabled.

The 15 new models added to the lineup are listed below.

Box Computer Series

Panel Computer Series

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