New Product Release: Ideal for Component Inspection Systems and Measurement Test Benches.
New Addition of Analog G Series High-Speed, High-Precision Multi-Function 64 Channels Analog Input Card "AI-1664UG-PE"

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Contec has developed a PCI Express-compliant interface card, the PC-HELPER Analog G Series "AI-1664UG-PE" (hereinafter referred to as the "new product"), equipped with high-speed and high-precision multi-channel analog input functionality, and it is now available for purchase.


Model Description
AI-1664UG-PE 1MSPS 16bit 64ch Multi-function Analog input card for PCI Express with bus master transfer fuction

We have been offering four models of the Analog G Series, a PCI Express-compliant interface card that incorporates high-speed and high-precision multi-channel analog input functionality, allowing for compact and cost-effective measurement and control systems requiring diverse signal input and output.

The new product features a versatile interface card with 64ch of analog input at a conversion speed of 1MSPS and 16bit resolution, as well as 8 digital input/output points and a 32bit counter. With the addition of this model, the Analog G Series lineup now consists of a total of five models.

Main Features

  • High-performance, multifunction single DAQ device with analog input and digital input/output and counter functions

    This high-performance multi-function device includes 64 single-ended 16bit analog inputs (32 differential channels) as well as 8 digital inputs and outputs and a 32bit counter channel. The product enables measurement control in a compact, reasonably priced package for systems requiring a variety of signal inputs and outputs.

  • DMA bus master transfer function for high-speed, continuous sampling

    The DMA bus master transfer function, which allows data to be directly transferred to the PC memory, enables continuous sampling for long periods without affecting the device’s maximum conversion speed. When analog input data is transferred using the bus master transfer function, simultaneous transferring of various data is also possible, including digital input, digital output, and counter data synchronized with analog input clock signals. This makes the product ideal for component inspection equipment and measurement testing benches that require high-speed data acquisition over long periods.

  • Built-in event controller for advanced synchronization control

    The built-in event controller enables integrated management of the triggers and statuses of each signal input and output, enabling hardware-level synchronization control of signal inputs and outputs. As a result, the product is ideal for factory automation and mixed-signal testing applications requiring low-latency, real-time responsiveness.

    Scenario 1: Connect two devices with synchronization control connector, synchronize with analog input of one device, and perform analog input of the other device.
    Scenario 2: Analog input performed whenever the counter value reaches the set value.

  • Synchronized operation of up to 16 devices (connection via synchronization control connector)

    Synchronized operation of up to 16 devices is possible with no need for external wiring or clock synchronization. Simply connect the devices via the synchronization control connector and a dedicated cable to enable synchronized operation using the event controller. Synchronized operation is also possible with other Contec devices featuring a synchronization control connector (such as the DIO-32DM3-PE and CNT-3208M-PE).

  • Jumper-less, trim-less configuration (software configuration)

    Software-based configuration of input range, accuracy calibration, and digital filtering settings is possible while the product is installed on the computer.

    • Analog input range settings: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, 0 to +10V, 0 to +5V, 0 to +2.5V
    • Analog input calibration settings: Factory default or user preset
    • Digital filtering setting (external trigger/clock, digital input, counter): 0 to 16000µs

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