High-performance, multifunction single DAQ device with analog and digital input/output and counter functions

In addition to analog input, this high-performance multi-function device is equipped with 2 analog output channels, 16 digital inputs and outputs, and 2 counter channels (32-bit), enabling measurement control in a compact, reasonably priced package for systems requiring a variety of signal inputs and outputs.

Analog G Series

Analog input Analog output
No. of channels Resolution Conversion speed No. of channels Resolution Conversion speed
AIO-163202UG-PE Single-ended: 32ch
(Differential: 16ch)
16bit 1μsec/ch 2ch 16bit 10μsec
AIO-163202G-PE 10μsec/ch
AIO-123202UG-PE 12bit 1μsec/ch 12bit 6μsec
AIO-123202G-PE 10μsec/ch
AI-1664UG-PE Single-ended: 64ch
(Differential: 32ch)
16bit 1μsec/ch - - -

Adopts and improves on the functions of the Analog E Series with compatibility for the Analog F Series

The Analog G Series was designed as a successor to the best-selling Analog E Series, long recognized as a mainstay of PC-based high-performance analog measurement devices. Using the conversion cable (DT-G2E-16/DT-G2E-32) also makes it possible to use the same connector pin assignments as the Analog E Series, allowing for the use of Analog E Series accessories and user design assets without any modifications.*

The Analog G Series also shares the same connector pin assignments as the Analog F Series for use as upward-compatible devices. This also makes it possible to use Analog F Series accessories and user design assets without any modifications.*

  • *
    Excluding AI-1664UG-PE

DMA bus master transfer function for high-speed, continuous sampling

The DMA bus master transfer function, which allows data to be directly transferred to the PC memory, enables continuous sampling for long periods without affecting the device’s maximum conversion speed. When analog input data is transferred using the bus master transfer function, simultaneous transferring of various data is also possible, including analog output, digital input, digital output, and counter data synchronized with analog input clock signals. This makes the product ideal for component inspection equipment and measurement testing benches that require high-speed data collection over long periods.

Built-in event controller for advanced synchronization control

The built-in event controller enables integrated management of the triggers and statuses of each signal input and output, enabling hardware-level synchronization control of signal inputs and outputs. As a result, the product is ideal for factory automation and mixed-signal testing applications requiring low-latency, real-time responsiveness.

Synchronized operation of up to 16 devices (connection via synchronization connector)

Synchronized operation of up to 16 devices is possible with no need for external wiring or clock synchronization. Simply connect the devices via the synchronization connector and a dedicated cable to enable synchronized operation using the event controller. Synchronized operation is also possible with other Contec devices featuring a synchronization connector.

Products supporting synchronized operation (with synchronization connector)

Wide selection of wiring accessories and expansion modules with various functions

Choose from a wide selection of expansion modules offering various functions such as buffer amplification (operational amplification), simultaneous sampling (sample/hold amplification), thermocouple input, gain amplification, and low-pass filtering. Various wiring accessories are also available, including BNC terminal blocks, screw terminal blocks, and noise-resistant cables.

Jumper-less, trim-less configuration (software configuration)

Software-based configuration of input range, output range, accuracy calibration, and digital filtering settings is possible while the product is installed on the computer.

  • Analog input range settings: ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, ±1.25 V (AIO-123202G-PE only), 0 - +10 V, 0 - +5 V, 0 - +2.5 V, 0 - +1.25 V (AIO-123202G-PE only)
  • Analog output range settings: ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, ±1.25 V, 0 - +10 V, 0 - +5 V, 0 - +2.5 V (Excluding AI-1664UG-PE)
  • Analog input/output calibration settings: Factory default or user preset (For AI-1664UG-PE, Analog input calibration settings)
  • Digital filtering settings (external trigger/clock, digital input, counter): 0 - 16000 µs

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