New Product Release: Tiger Lake UP3 2.5” Embedded System Board GMB-PTGL series with Intel 11th Generation Core i3/i5/i7 Processor

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Contec introduces the GMB-PTGL series, a 2.5-inch embedded system board powered by the Intel Tiger Lake UP3 platform.

GMB-PTGL series

Top View of GMB-PTGLx00 SBC
Top View of GMB-PTGLx00 SBC

Angle View of GMB-PTGLx00 SBC and Cooling
Angle View of GMB-PTGLx00 SBC and Cooling

Model Description
GMB-PTGLx00 Pico-ITX Industrial Motherboard for Intel 11th Gen. (Tiger Lake UP3) CPUs

Designed for small spaces with low power consumption, it offers advanced features suitable for applications in industrial automation, digital signage, and medical devices. Contec remains committed to innovation, expanding its product lineup with high-quality industrial motherboards equipped with the latest Intel CPUs.

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