New Product Release: Stack Type for Industrial IoT Solution CONPROSYS™ M2M Gateway Easy to Use and Flexible by Combining Multi-Vendor Compatible PLC Communication Function with Rich I/O

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Contec announced that various I/O modules "CONPROSYS™" can be freely configured in the M2M gateway series of the industrial IoT brand. Increased stacking type and will go on sale on February 15, 2024.

CPS-MGS341-DS1-131 CPS-MGS341-DS1-131


Model Description
CPS-MGS341-DS1-131 M2M Gateway Stack type CPU module
CPS-MGS341G5-DS1-130 M2M Gateway Stack type CPU module + 4G LTE (for Japan use only)

"CPS-MGS341-DS1-131 and CPS-MGS341G5-DS1-130" (hereinafter referred to as new products)" The new products retain the function of CONPROSYS M2M Gateway and develop a controller that enable to stack various I/O modules. There are Stack Type M2M Gateway (CPS-MGS341-DS1-131) and Japan-compatible LTE SIM-free communication type. (CPS-MGS341G5-DS1-130)

CONPROSYS™ support various function required for industrial IoT device and reduce man-hour cost for development when building IoT system.

For available I/O modules, please refer to the link.

Main features

  • Web monitoring, Web task script

    The web browser monitors and updates I/O status from remote computers. GUI components (graphs, sliders, buttons, etc.) can be freely laid out on the monitoring screen. All operations such as monitoring the layout and connecting I/O information can be completed using a web browser.
    Icons such as combined calculations, conditional determination, and data output can describe execution processing and its process like a flow chart. All operations can be done via a web browser.

  • Support multi-vendors. Compatible with various vendors' PLC-specific communication protocols and Modbus equipment

    Compatible with PLCs from various manufacturers and can be connected to PLCs from different manufacturers at the same time. It also supports Modbus devices from different makers. Up to 10 Ethernet/computer links can be connected. It can collect 128 PLCs, 256 groups, and 10,000 data.

  • Add stack type module

    The new product allow users to add modules from a variety of stack type modules to suit their needs. In addition to data from PLC, various analog signals and digital input/outputs can be freely combined for easy data collection, control, and remote monitoring.

  • BACnet server and client communication functions

    It supports server functions that convert PLC and sensor information into BACnet communication and send them as well as client function that can monitor and control BACnet-compliant equipment such as air conditioners and lighting. This feature allows information from non-BACnet-enabled devices and sensors to be passed to building management systems that use BACnet. In addition, CONPROSYS™ can be used to collect building equipment information, create simple control systems, and send building equipment information to the cloud, enabling remote monitoring of equipment located in multiple locations.

  • Simple router functionality

    Equipped with simple routing functionality. DHCP servers, static routing, port forwarding, and IP filters can be used. Devices from other companies that support TCP/IP can also be used on the same network.

  • 4G LTE Cat.4 Communication

    This product is equipped with an LTE SIM-free communication module that complies with Japanese domestic radio laws and is capable of 4G LTE Cat.4 communication. (4G LTE equipped models).

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