Long distance stable communication over 10km.
New Product release : LoRa Modulation (920 MHz) Wireless Communication Module under the Industrial IoT CONPROSYS™ Brand

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Contec Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639—hereinafter "Contec") is pleased to announce the release of a new wireless communication module (model: CPS-COM-1QL) under the CONPROSYS™ brand, i.e., Contec’s comprehensive industrial IoT brand. This module is capable of communicating over 10km long distances*1, in LoRa modulation*2.

CPS-COM-1QL Combination with IoT controller
Model Product Name
CPS-COM-1QL CONPROSYS LoRa Wireless Communication Module

The LoRa Wireless Communication Module, model CPS-COM-1QL (hereinafter “New product”) is ideal solution for outdoor communication module that adopts LoRa modulation*2 for CONPROSYS series IoT controllers (now on sales). New product incorporates a standard serial communication way that is also used by Contec’s conventional RS-232C/RS-485 communication modules (now on sales), thus allowing wireless communication between remote IoT controllers in over 10 km*1 length.

By configuration New product with Contec IoT controllers and I/O modules on sale, CONPROSYS solutions have expanded their application to wide area applications such as water treatment, industrial plants and agriculture.

  • *1
    : The actual communication distance varies depending on actual environment such as wave status and obstacles.
  • *2
    : LoRa is an abbreviation for Long Range. It is a technology for long-distance communication in a radio format to transmit (modulated) voice and data signals over radio waves. This proprietary technology based on a spread spectrum technique called chirp spread spectrum (CSS) modulation was developed by Semtech Corporation, a U.S. electronic component supplier. Although the transmission speed is lower than that of frequency shift-keying (FSK) modulation used for early telephone modems, CSS modulation is noise-resistant and suitable for applications that communicate over long distances.

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Main Features

  • Long-distance wireless communication is possible

    Long-distance communication in excess of 10 km is made possible by LoRa modulation. The maximum communication distance is longer than that in GFSK modulation in the same band (920 MHz).

    • The actual communication distance varies depending on actual environment such as wave status and obstacles.

  • Compact design

    The compact design (25.2 [W] × 94.7 [D] × 124.8 [H] mm) enables installation in a wide variety of locations.

  • Supports ambient temperatures from -20°C to +60°C

    New product can be used in various environments with ambient temperatures ranging from −20°C to +60°C.

  • Supports DIN rail mounting

    New product can be replaced easily because it can be installed on a DIN rail.

  • Equipped with operation check LEDs

    This product is equipped with operation check LEDs to enable the user to visually check the status of communication.

Stable Outdoor Wireless Communication Was Demonstrated over A Distance of Approx. 17 km

Contec conducted a communication test over a distance of approximately 17 km between Tenran Observatory, located next to the Rokko Cable Line’s Sanjo Station (Hyogo), and Kaze Soyogu Oka on Maishima Sports Island (Osaka). Contec confirmed that the product performed stable communication over this long distance and obtained the below results.

Channel characteristics

Bandwidth: 125 kHz; Output power: -4 dBm; Diffusion rate: 7

Channel Number of successful communications Successful communication rate
8 4,999 99.98%
15 5,000 100%

Output power characteristics

Bandwidth: 125 kHz; Channel: 8; Diffusion rate: 7

Output power Number of successful communications Successful communication rate
+13dBm 5,000 100%
-4dBm 4,999 99.98%

Diffusion rate characteristics

Bandwidth: 125 kHz; Channel: 8; Output power: +13 dBm

Diffusion rate Number of successful communications Successful communication rate
7 1,000 100%
8 1,000 100%
9 970 96.5%
10 994 99.4%
11 995 99.5%
12 998 99.8%
  • All values are the results of Contec’s demonstration experiment and should be taken as reference values only.

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