A New Series Specializing in Remote Monitoring and Data Logging.
Contec Releases Its New Product: CONPROSYS™ Telemeter Series

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Contec Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639—hereinafter "Contec") is pleased to present the CONPROSYS™ Telemeter Series under the CONPROSYS™brand, Contec’s comprehensive industrial IoT product brand for remote monitoring and data logging. Sales for the new series began July 17, 2018.

CONPROSYS™ Telemeter Series

Model Product name
CPS-TM341MB-ADSC1-931 CONPROSYS Telemeter LAN model
CPS-TM341GMB-ADSC1-931 CONPROSYS Telemeter 3G model
  • Products are available only in Japan.

The CONPROSYS Telemeter Series is a controller with the functions necessary for remote monitoring systems, including web-based monitoring, file saving, and event monitoring (e-mail notifications, etc.). In addition to the ability to collect data directly from sensors and actuators through included digital input/output, analog input, and counter signal input terminals, devices also offer a Modbus Master function that enables communication with Modbus slave devices including PLCs from various manufacturers as well as the CONPROSYS nano Series. Collected data can be displayed graphically using CONPROSYS HMI—the included screen creation software—and monitored remotely from a variety of web browsers. The Telemeter Series also supports CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service 2 (CDS2)*1, Contec’s own cloud data service, allowing for the development of a comprehensive monitoring system with multiple bases.

The CONPROSYS Telemeter Series allows for completely programming-free configuration of settings and its operation for web-based monitoring, file saving, and event monitoring, all from a web browser. This allows users to drastically reduce the time and costs that come with developing a remote monitoring system.

Through this new series, Contec is dedicated to meeting the ever-increasing needs of remote monitoring systems in the fields of energy generation, water treatment, and building automation. In addition to significant reductions in regular system management efforts, the CONPROSYS Telemeter Series is also capable of sending e-mail notifications to smartphones or PCs in the event of an abnormality, ensuring faster maintenance support and contributing to a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC).

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    See the Contec website for details. https://www.contec.com/products-services/daq-control/iiot-conprosys/cloud/

Case study 1 — Broadcast Facility Monitoring System in Remote Locations

  • Reduced costs of network construction compared with proprietary lines by using 3G network
  • Fewer periodic inspections thanks to e-mail notifications in the event of an abnormality

Case study 2 — River Water Level Monitoring System

  • Drastic reduction in regular management rounds thanks to comprehensive water level monitoring
  • Remote monitoring for inaccessible locations using 3G networks and an on-premises server (separate consultation required) and cloud services

Software Features

  • Operation is possible by configuring only the settings required for remote monitoring.Completely programming-free setup for immediate remote monitoring.

    Data collection, monitoring, file saving, event monitoring, and external device communication functions are included as standard. The ability to use these functions with only simple setting configuration makes it possible to build a remote monitoring system quickly and at a low cost

  • CONPROSYS HMI screen creation software

    Telemeter Series products come with CONPROSYS HMI, which allows for monitoring input signal statuses by arranging the prepared items side by side. The ability to intuitively create screens using only a web browser means there is no need for knowledge of programming languages or for a special development environment. Creating a screen is as simple as dragging and dropping the desired items from a wide variety of prepared display components.

  • Support for PLCs and other Modbus slave devices

    The Telemeter Series can be used to communicate with various Modbus slave devices, including Modbus slave-ready PLCs from other manufacturers.

  • Web-based operation

    The web server function allows users to operate the devices from a PC in a remote location. All operations can be completed using only the web browser, from setup to monitoring.

  • Linking with CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service 2 (CDS2)

    This device includes a function for communicating with CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service 2 (CDS2), Contec’s cloud service. This makes it easy to link devices and equipment together.

    • A separate optional contract is required to use CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service 2.
    • This service is available only in Japan.

Hardware Features

  • Various available interfaces

    The CONPROSYS Telemeter Series offers 4 isolated digital inputs (with 2 assignable to 2-point insulation counter inputs), 2 semiconductor relay outputs, 2 channels of isolated channel-to-channel analog current input, 1 channel of isolated RS-422A/485, 1 channel of RS-232C, a LAN port, a USB port, and a 3G communication module (CPS-TM341GMB-ADSC1-931 only).

  • Compact design

    The compact design (188.0 [W] × 78.0 [D] × 30.5 [H] mm) enables installation in a wide variety of locations.

  • Operable with ambient temperatures from −20°C to +60°C

    This product can be used in various environments with ambient temperatures ranging from −20°C to +60°C.

  • Screw-based or DIN rail mountable

    The Telemeter Series can be mounted to a wall using screws or installed on a 35 mm DIN rail with just one touch.

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