Introducing Turnkey Solution for Antistatic Electricity / Torque Driver Checks at Electronic Device Factories. Contec Releases Its New Product: CONPROSYS™ Alpha Series

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 Contec Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639—hereinafter “Contec”) has developed an appliance product in which the mechanisms for antistatic electricity checks and torque driver checks at electronic device factories are packaged. It has started receiving orders for this “CONPROSYS™ Alpha Series” from October 23, 2018.

Antistatic Electricity Check System CPSA-SEC100

Torque Driver Check System CPSA-TRD100

Model Product name Main functions
Antistatic Electricity Check System
Performance measurement, pass/fail judgment, and traceability of measurement results for antistatic shoes and wrist straps
Torque Driver Check System
Torque measurement, pass/fail judgment, and traceability of measurement results for torque drivers

 At the Komaki Factory, which is Contec's main factory, we are proceeding with various attempts at switching to the IoT through the application of the CONPROSYS™, Contec's state-of-the-art IoT device series. We have packaged the pre-work inspection mechanisms refined from our tests carried out at Contec factories. These products are now on sale as the “CONPROSYS™ Alpha Series.” These products make it possible to easily introduce traceability mechanisms, which were previously unused. Furthermore, improved quality and yield can be obtained through use of measurement data as the interlock of the mechanisms of production.

Antistatic Electricity Check System (Model: CPSA-SEC100)

Have you introduced countermeasures against operator static electricity? If you have, don’t you always find any difficulties for audit purpose due to management being performed with handwritten notes?? Contec has introduced turnkey solution for (1) detecting operators having insufficient countermeasures through the measurement of the performance of antistatic shoes and wrist straps, and (2) tracing and managing the measurement results as electronic data.

Torque Driver Check System (Model: CPSA-TRD100)

Have you introduced mechanisms for inspecting the settings of torque drivers (electronic screwdrivers)? If you are carrying out these inspections, don’t you find that the records of the measurement results are not managed??
Contec has packaged the hardware and software mechanisms for (1) detecting inappropriate torque drivers through judging whether the torque driver settings are in the suitable range and (2) tracing and managing the measurement results as electronic data.

Authentication / Display / PC-linking functions (common functions)

  • Unified management from Windows PC

    The basic software for managing measurement results is included as standard. This enables unified management of multiple check systems from Windows PC.

  • Measuring / saving / sending results to a host PC

    Measured results can be saved as CSV files on an SD card or sent to Windows PC.

  • Audio guidance and display for measurement results

    Audio guidance and display for the measurement results and history are available.

  • Operator authentication

    Operators can be authenticated with IC cards or through the entry of specified numbers. Authentication data can be saved on an SD card or on Windows PC.

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