• Multi-device support for anytime, anywhere monitoring
  • Programless system development
  • Quick creation of expressive monitoring screens
  • Compatibility with MQTT, a popular IoT communication protocol
  • Universal execution environment that can be installed anywhere
  • Impressive cost performance for stress-free adoption

CHS demosite


Supported OS

Supported OS Windows 10 Pro(limited to trial purpose); Windows Server 2019; Windows Server 2016 ; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows Server 2012

Supported Series

Supported Series CONRPOSYS M2M Controller; CONPROSYS M2M Gateway


CONPROSYS HMI System (hereinafter referred to as CHS), which is a Web HMI / SCADA software, allows you to build a supervisory control system by connecting each device such as a remote supervisory controller (RTU) connected to a sensor to a communication/network.

  • For IoT data management and visualization

    CHS manages each device of CONPROSYS and devices that support MQTT protocol, it can collects data from devices, detects alarms, and sends alarm notifications by email. The collected data is recorded in the server, and the log data can be displayed on the HMI monitoring screen of the browser as trend graphs and reports. Approximately 60 different components such as ramps, labels, trends, meters, lists, and tables visualize data, and switches, check boxes, buttons, sliders, knobs, text input, and other components send commands to your device. We also provide an image library that can draw the animation screens required for equipment monitoring in a very short time.

  • For remote monitoring of environment and sluice equipment

    Each device of CONPROSYS collects various environmental data and is capable of data communication not only through a wired network but also through a wireless network such as 3G/4G/LoRa. It communicates with CHS by MQTT or HTTPS. For example, by monitoring sensor information such as air quality, water level, and water quality, and the opening/closing status of water gates, CHS can dynamically visualize the status of acquired data on a browser map. In addition, the collected data can be displayed as a historical trend overlaid with the past data, and the daily, weekly, and monthly reports can be displayed on the browser and downloaded as a formatted excel file, which can be used for environment and equipment. You can easily build a status management and monitoring system.

  • Factory Automation

    CONPROSYS Gateway series is equipped with a standard function that not only allows you to directly acquire sensor information, but also PLC data from each vendor. It can communicate with various PLCs such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, OMRON and send the acquired data to CHS. CHS displays the collected data on the browser screen or accumulates it in a database and links with the parts such as switches, knobs and instrument monitors displayed on the browser screen. The change data operated from the parts can be written in the PLC and the actuator etc. can be controlled.
    Gateway series can also be linked with a control system that uses a low-priced remote I/O CONPROSYS nano series that can execute PLC programs, and by combining with CHS, it is possible to build a supervisory control system at the manufacturing site.

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