CPS-MCS341G-DS1-130 CONPROSYS Series | CPU Modules 3G Model

  • Standard Warranty2 yrs
  • Extended WarrantyMax. 6 yrs
  • Comply with National Standards of 3G network
  • Configurative modules
  • No base board required
  • Opto-coupler isolated input and semiconductor relay output
  • Measurement and Upload
  • Web Monitoring
  • *
    Extended warranty service is only available within Japan.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Model Description / Certification
CPS-MCS341G-DS1-130 CONPROSYS Series | CPU Modules 3G Model


Analog I/O

Item Item Name
CPS-AI-1608ALI CONPROSYS Series | Analog Input Module(0-20mA Input)
CPS-AI-1608LI CONPROSYS Series | Analog Input Module
CPS-AO-1604LI CONPROSYS Series | Analog Output Module
CPS-AO-1604VLI CONPROSYS Series | Analog Output Module(±10V Output)
CPS-SSI-4P CONPROSYS Series | Sensor Input Module

Digital I/O

Item Item Name
CPS-DI-16L CONPROSYS Series | Digital Input Module Sink Type
CPS-DI-16RL CONPROSYS Series | Digital Input Module Source Type
CPS-DIO-0808BL CONPROSYS Series | Digital I/O Module(Built-in power supply)
CPS-DIO-0808L CONPROSYS Series | Digital I/O Module
CPS-DIO-0808RL CONPROSYS Series | Digital I/O Module Source Type
CPS-DO-16L CONPROSYS Series | Digital Output Module Sink Type
CPS-RRY-4PCC CONPROSYS Series | Relay Output Module


Item Item Name
CPS-CNT-3202I CONPROSYS Series | Counter Module

Serial comm.

Item Item Name
CPS-COM-1PC CONPROSYS Series | RS-232C COM-1ch Module
CPS-COM-1PD CONPROSYS Series | RS-422A/485 COM-1ch Module
CPS-COM-2PC CONPROSYS Series | RS-232C COM-2ch Module
CPS-COM-2PD CONPROSYS Series | RS-422A/485 COM-2ch Module

Power Supply / AC Adapter

Item Item Name
CPS-PWD-30AW24-01 24VDC AC-DC Converter
CPS-PWD-90AW24-01 24VDC AC-DC Converter


Item Item Name
CPS-ANT-R3-01 External 3G Antenna for CPS-MC341 series


Item Item Name
SD-2GB-B 2GB SD Card

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