C-LogicDesigner Windows version pattern generator / logic analyzer

  • Logic pattern creation functions (such as copy, paste, swap, and automatic generation) based on an intuitive and easy-to-understand GUI
  • High-speed logic analyzer functions with sampling at up to 50MHz and pulse generator functions
  • Functions for quickly searching large volumes of sampling data for specific logic patterns, and a convenient bookmark function
  • Extensive graph observation functions (such as cursor, bus creation, zoom, pulse count, and frequency calculation)
  • A rich set of trigger functions (software, external trigger, data count, pattern match)


Application Software

Type Pattern generator / logic analyzer

Supported OS

Supported OS Windows 11 (64-bit); Windows 10 (64-bit); Windows 10 (32-bit)

Supported Series

Supported Series PC-HELPER

Supported Devices

PCI Express Card
PCI Card

Version Upgrade History


New functions Supported OS Added Microsoft Windows 11.
UI Added function to jump to each bookmark in the bookmark list.
Added function to edit numerical values of bus data on the graph window.
Sampling Added disable to data monitoring mode of sampling function.
Added handshake to clock type of sampling or generating function.


New functions Sampling Now supports logic analyzer functions using sampling.
UI Added a signal search function.
Added an automatic data pattern generation function.
Added a function for grouping multiple signals to display as a bus.
Added a signal position bookmark function.
Supported display languages Now supports English display.
Calculation Added a pulse logic calculation function.
Added a pulse count function.
Added a pulse frequency calculation function.
Files Now supports saving data in binary format.
Revision Supported OS Changed to Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit).
Supported devices Discontinued support for DIO-32DM-PE.


New functions Supported devices Now supports DIO-32DM2-PE and DIO-32DM3-PE.
Supported OS Now supports Windows 10.


New functions First release

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