CNT32-4MT(CB) Counter CardBus PC card 4ch (32bit Up/Down count 10MHz) / Incremental encoder interface

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • End of Repair Service: 2018/08/31

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Overview / Features

The CNT32-4MT(CB) is a PC Card Standard -compliant CardBus TYPE II size PC Card that inputs and counts pulse signals from an external device. The PC Card has four channels of 32-bit up/down counters, allowing external devices such as a rotary encoder and a linear scale to be connected. The pulse signal inputting interface is unisolated LVTTL-level input that can input pulse signals at high speed. The application for this PC Card can transfer data between the PC Card and the PC at high speed using PCI bus mastering. With the Windows version driver (API-PAC(W32)).

    • Can input two-phase and single-phase signals. Can input pulse signals up to 10MHz and can resolve phase differences as short as 25nsec.
    • Can be converted to a differential input interface using the differential unit (CTP-4D) and connection cable (CNT-68M/50M) which are sold separately.
    • One control signal input pin per channel.
    • Can count values sampling at a maximum sampling rate of 20 MHz. Supporting bus mastering, enabling high-speed data transfer between the PC Card and the PC without intervention from the CPU.
    • Can generate an interrupt, issuing an external signal, or presetting/zero-clearing the count value when it matches an arbitrary predefined value.
    • *: If your PC has a stack of two TYPE II PC Card slots, two PC Cards cannot be used simultaneously in both slots. The PC Card can be used along with another PC Card which does not use any external connector, such as a memory card.

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