AO-1604LI-PE Analog Output PCI Express Card / 4ch AO (16bit 100ks/s) / 1ch Counter / Bus Isolation - Multifunction DAQ L Series

  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • Extended WarrantyAvailable
  • Bus isolated high precision analog output 4 channels, each 4 channels for digital I/O, counter 1 channel
  • Functions and connectors are compatible with PCI compatible board DAI16-4(LPCI)L
  • Bus isolation between PC and external analog output circuit by a digital isolator
  • The start/end of sampling can be controlled by software, an external trigger, etc.
  • Safety design to adjust output voltage to 0V when power supply is turned on
  • *
    For details about an extended warranty, please contact us.


Add-on module

Bus Specification PCI Express
Size Short Size
Used Connector Miniature ribbon 50-pin

Analog I/O

Input Channels -
Input Range -
ADC Resolution -
Sampling Rate -
Output Channels 4-ch
Output Range ±10V
DAC Resolution 16-bit
Update rate 10μsec (max.)

Digital I/O

Input Channels 4-ch
Output Channels 4-ch
Bi-directional I/O Channels -
Response Time (Input) 200nsec (max.)
Response Time (Output) 200nsec (max.)
Operating Voltage (Input) 5VDC-TTL
Operating Voltage (Output) 5VDC-TTL
Input Circuit Non-isolated TTL level input (Positive logic)
Output Circuit Non-isolated TTL level output (Positive logic)
Built-in Power Supply -


Number of Channels 1-ch
Counting System 32-bit Up count
Response speed 1MHz

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