VPC-3000 Industrial Computer VPC-3000 - Desktop / Middle Tower / Core i + Q87 (Haswell) / 1x PCIe(x16) / 1x PCIe(x4) / 2x PCI

  • Standard Warranty1 yr
  • Extended WarrantyAvailable
  • Equipped with an Intel Core i7 CPU (*Core i7 model)
  • Uses the Intel Q87 chipset
  • Supports mirroring (RAID1)
  • Uses a chassis suitable for embedded applications
  • Supports high-speed, high-capacity memory
  • *
    For details about an extended warranty, please contact us.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Model Description / Certification
VPC-3000-27225B Industrial Computer series (Slim tower, Celeron 1820, Win7 pro(ja)/250GB HDD)
VPC-3000-37225B Industrial Computer series (Slim tower, Core i5-4570S, Win7 pro(ja)/250GB HDD)
VPC-3000-4721DB Industrial Computer series (Slim tower, Core i7-4770S, Win8.1 Industry(ja)/250GB HDD)
VPC-3000-47225B Industrial Computer series (Slim tower, Core i7-4770S, Win7 pro(ja)/250GB HDD)

BTO model

This product is ordered by BTO (Build to Order) method. Please inform the dealer about the BTO menu and request a quotation.

  • Celeron G1820
  • Core i5-4570S
  • Core i7-4770S
  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • none
  • 2TB HDD
  • 2TB HDD Mirroring (Software-RAID)
  • 2TB HDD Mirroring (Hardware-RAID)
  • none
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB 64-bit Multi-language
  • Windows 7 Professional FES 32-bit Japanese
  • Windows 7 Professional FES 64-bit Japanese
  • Windows 7 Ultimate FES 32-bit Multi-language
  • Windows 7 Ultimate FES 64-bit Multi-language
  • Windows 8.1 Industry Pro 64-bit Japanese

* There are combinations that can not be configured. Please inquire in detail.




Item Item Name
PC-HDD250GS-3 Option of VPC-1600/3000: 3.5-inch HDD (250GB)
PC-HDD2TS-3 Option of VPC-1600/3000: 3.5-inch HDD (2TB)

Memory Module

Item Item Name
PC-MDD3-1333-4G Option of VPC-1600/3000: 4GB DDR3 memory

Other Accessories

Item Item Name
VPC-3000-FAN DC Fan for VPC-3000 series
VPC-3000-FILTER Fan filter for VPC-3000 series

Software Development Kit

Item Item Name
IO-LIB General I/O Driver

Extended Warranty Service

Item Item Name
ESP-F5 Extended warranty service package (5 years service course)
ESP-S1 Extended warranty service package (Extension one year)

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