Custom-Designed Technology

Looking for a Complete Computing Solution?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? That’s ok – we have just the solution for that…literally."

We offer custom technology hardware solutions and software application implementation to thousands of customers globally. Our engineering architects and sales team are dedicated to the constant pursuit of the latest technologies to create innovative hardware solutions for the multiple industries we serve globally. Our turnkey solutions are entirely customizable and designed to increase productivity, decrease operational failures and exceed your expectations. They are also backed by an expert team to provide you with system integration services to support your products and solutions over time.

We provide custom System Integration Solutions for:

  • Medical Applications
  • Industrial Automation & Factory Automation
  • Industrial IOT (IIOT)

We are able to modify existing products as they pass through our organization or design a custom hardware solution or display solution that specifically meets your requirements. The system integration solutions we build launch our customers into a more mature IT environment, setting them above their competition.

As technology continues to grow at an extraordinary rate we understand that your main challenge is your path to growth. With complex technologies on the rise it is critical that your component systems and subsystems operate in harmony to deliver accuracy, functionality and reliability. This synergy is where our experts step in and create a custom technologically advanced ecosystem that will enable your organization to maximize efficiency.

A custom hardware solution or software application shouldn’t be a painful experience. Communicating your needs allows our team to get creative and present you with options to get the process started. Our team becomes an extension of your team – we partner with your resources. And here’s what that looks like:

Develop your strategy – what do you need, what is the added value we can bring, what is your timeframe, budget and requirements? Our team will work with you to develop a plan.

Design and manufacture – once we have finalized the strategy, our team of engineers get to work for you. Your product or solution undergo a detailed design phase with our engineering architects and once approved, production begins. Your product or solution are in safe hands with our expert quality control and lean manufacturing capabilities.

Deploy with seamless integration – with a dedicated account manager and field engineer supporting the deployment of your solution, the team at Contec has your back every step of the way.

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