Manufacturing & Integration

System Integration: Technology Outsourcing Alternatives

Our manufacturing services are designed to provide our customers with a system integrated solutions technology outsourcing alternative. Using ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 structured lean manufacturing principles, an automated Manufacturing Execution system, and cell-based lean manufacturing methodology; the system integration services at Contec provide the ultimate in flexibility and quality. This makes us a perfect outsource fit for OEMs in need of:

  • Embedded Systems & Computing Solutions
  • Sub-assembly & Integration
  • All-In-Ones (Panel PCs)
  • Touch Screen LCD Displays
  • Custom Display
  • Turnkey Solutions

Contec utilizes a proprietary, paperless Manufacturing Automation, Verification, and Traceability system which offers multiple benefits for customers, including:

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Improved Communication & Responsiveness
  • Expedited NPI
  • Reduced Production and Operational Costs
  • Increased Operating Efficiency
  • Improved Quality
  • Accurate Planning
  • Lower Return Rates
  • Higher Inventory Turns
  • Improved On-time Delivery

Automated Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

MES is comprised of interactive modules:

Product Control Tracking System (PCTS):
Our proprietary PCTS accommodates manufacturing of the highest level assembly for our customers. The ISO 13485 structured processes used in manufacturing ensure the same quality and traceability demanded in the manufacturing of your product go into every product we build.
Functional Test Automation:
This module allows for simultaneously testing of up to 30 systems of varying product. By automating the process, tests can be running even when the facility is closed which can reduce the need for night, weekend and holiday shifts.
Product Monitoring Board/DataOnDemand:
Used to communicate and analyze scanned data from the PCTS and Functional Test Automation modules internally and externally; the Product Monitoring Board/DoD information is refreshed every 60 seconds and made available on an interactive company intranet. The collected data maps work-in-progress and completion status for all work orders and reports pass/fail product data and assembly time.

To streamline operations, Contec integrated MES with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to facilitate faster, more accurate sales and operations planning. By linking material requirements & usage with work order activity and sales forecast, Contec has increased flexibility and can easily respond to its customer's changing needs.

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